Our Mission

Empowering our inner healing ability.
Create a group that is willing to support and to learn from each other’s life story.
Together, let’s explore the benefits of Cannabis (CBD).

Our Vision

Believing our earth journey is to heal one another.

About Us:

  • About 6-7 years ago, I developed an illness called “Plantar Fasciitis”. The pain on the heel of my feet was unbearable and every single step hurts.  Regular visits to foot & ankle specialists, Orthopedists, podiatrists’ clinic with anti-inflammatory drugs, pain pills, series of physical therapy, foot-massage, toe stretch, calf stretch, ice pack, warm pack, hot water/ epsom salt soaking, professional custom-made insoles, arch support insoles, gel cushions, night splints, ankle braces, famous brand & expensive running shoes, and a recommended Cortisone shot on my soles; none of them provide any relief.  The pain persisted for many years. Until Sept 2015, one bio-chemistry friend gave me a 12 ml Syringe – dark-green-gluey thing. With the long agony I had, I don’t mind trying anything.  I applied it and wrap my feet with clear wrapper at night.  The result was amazing, my soles felt so much better the next day morning. The 12ml syringe only last about one week.  That experience ignited my curiosity about this gluey-dark-green-oil called: “CBD oil”.  Although I have nursing background, I had never been taught about CBD (Cannabidiol,Cannabinoid) or medical marijuana.  All I known was that it’s a control substance that could make you become addictive.  Later on, I found out that I had been misdiagnosed for “Plantar Fasciitis“.  My correct diagnosis was “Fat Atrophy”. (Average people have about 1cm fat cushion of their soles.  Mine was measured 0.3cm – left foot and 0.5cm – right foot.  What?! ! In many cases, steroid treatment does provide pain relief, however, it should never been injected to my feet, because of the side effect of fat diminishing (fat dissolving).  Ever since, I have used Cannabis oil for many occasions: insomnia, arthritis, skin rash, eczema, menstruation cramps, muscle pain, knee pain, back pain,….etc.  I truly believe that we can all benefit from CBD oil and exploring all possibilities by sharing our story.                                                                                                                                                            Angela Liu, R.N.- Group Organizer/ Founder
Thus, please share your story………..
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  • Last year Ginger, my wife, was diagnosed with stage 4 metastatic cancer. Her survival rate was only 7%. We started her on 400mg daily dose of cannabidiol (CBD). Not only is she still alive, she was completely cancer free and confirmed by her oncologist after just 7 months.   Her oncologist said that Ginger’s was the most remarkable recovery that she had seen in 30 years of practicing medicine.                                                                                                                                             Jeff Miki – Vice President of DioLieve