Living in Belgium, the family’s young, open minded doctor found a legal loophole through which she could prescribe medicinal cannabis oil to her ailing patient. And after a few drops on the tongue of the whole cannabis plant oil containing both THC and CBD, the opioid fog began to lift. In fact soon after she stopped taking the morphine and remained completely lucid up until the moment she died. Her pain had eased, she could laugh and joke with her family, and lived out her remaining weeks with peaceful dignity. This wouldn’t have happened if she hadn’t had the possibility of taking medical cannabis.I’ve previously written about whether cannabis can cure cancer. Numerous people say thanks to their medical marijuana regime they are now cancer free today. However, not everyone feels they can make that leap of faith. Many instead choose a more orthodox oncology route complete with surgery, chemo or radiotherapy. But one does not necessarily rule out the other, and increasingly patients are turning to medical cannabis as an adjunct to the cancer treatment they are receiving.